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Tiny 10 Watt Bluetooth Soundbar With HUGE Sound!

ASIYUN Soundbar Bluetooth 10w Wireless Speaker Review

This mini soundbar might be rated at 10 watts of power but it really performs like a much bigger speaker. I tested it out and was really impressed with the sound, bass, and how easy it was to control via bluetooth and the auxiliary cable.

This soundbar is a definite winner! Just check out the comments below of people who bought one. Click the product link to check it out!
Omega-Metal-Chase92 : Very awesome! I plan to purchase this as I am trying out different affordable speakers.
Richard Tay : I got mine from Lazada @ SG. Great sound indeed...smooth Volume Control...but it lacks an USB port for Flash Drive playback.
Troy Guinn : I just picked up one of these the other day to help the terrible sound on a 24" element TV I have. Was planning on just hooking it up via the aux input, since the element TV doesn't have Bluetooth.. but for whatever reason the audio quality is absolutely horrid when using an aux cable. I've also tried a few other known good cables and it has the same issue... Sounds amazing over Bluetooth connected to my phone though :/ anyone have any advice? I'm thinking I'm going to end up having to swap the element TV I have with a 24" Visio smart TV I have in storage, and run the bar on a Bluetooth connection. I'd rather not have to change my entire current setup just for something so miniscule though..
DAMIAN RODRIGUEZ : hey buddy, im pretty sure the bass will not be heard at an extreme sound, but can you tell me if at least you can feel it?,? hear it!,,music without bass is just like listening to music coming out of a can, good video but let me know about that, thanks
Kiyoshi Matsutsuyu : It supports USB DAC. That's huge.

LM190WX1 TTL1, Part 1 of 3

Instruction for installing Sunlight Readable UB60 Series LED backlight kit (P/N: UB60420LED5020X2) in LG Philips LM190WX1-TLL1 19 inch Industrial LCD screen. UB60420LED5020X2 is available online at

Taotronics SoundLiberty 88 VS Soundliberty 92 | Which Is Best For You?

In this video I go over the similarities and differences of the Taotronics SoundLiberty 88 and SoundLiberty 92. Both are a solid pair of semi-In-Ear Earbuds with some great value. Be sure to like and subscribe if you find this video helpful!

US: SoundLiberty 88
CA: Soundliberty 88
DE: Soundliberty 88

US: SoundLiberty 92
UK: SoundLiberty 92
CA: Soundliberty 92
DE: Soundliberty 92

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US: SoundLiberty 88
CA: Soundliberty 88

US: SoundLiberty 92
UK: SoundLiberty 92
CA: Soundliberty 92
koZmo .seVen : Thanks man you covered all the bases perfectly rare to find people that go this depth. Good stuff
Kipplz : Best video I could find comparing these two, helped me make my choice. Thank you!
64mkb : I like hearing call quality in these reviews. Great review.
MyLife : Great review ... brief and very detailed. Well done and thank you.




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