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StoveTop FireStop Product Demonstrations

Austin Lynn : These are above the range in my apartment and I was wondering how they worked! Thanks!
Charles Smith : So it is easy. A stove fire under it will heat the fuse to the Firestop if it reaches a flash point of 500 to 600 degreesF. Then the fuse is lit and the fuse flame goes into the Firestop with a little pyrotechnic composition that detonates the center underbelly of the Firestop (the "pop"), breaching it and creating a hole allowing the baking soda composition inside it to be released down directly to the spot of the fire, suppressing it.
Liftmaster1280 : This would have helped me a year ago. A year ago, I lost my house to a fire. Started on the stove
Jake Snake : Public company? I’d gladly invest
Lissette Velec : Love it

Prevent Cooking Fires with the StoveTop FireStop

Unattended fires are the number one cause of all residential fires — by a large margin. Now there’s a product that can put out a fire before a stove top blaze has a chance to burn out of control.

Carter Shackelford from StopTop FireStop shows firefighter Shawn how this product uses a sensor a fine power to automatically put out a cooking fire. Shawn estimates that over half of the fires she responds to are cooking fires. This little canister is one of the best ways to prevent disasters in your home.



blackmaxima : I own my half of a duplex house. I work in security and fire protection trades. On may 6, 2019 I got a call from my neighbor. The other half of the duplex was on fire. It burned out their half and spread to my half above the ceiling. My place got fire, heat and severe smoke damage. I lost everything. I was out of my house for 10 months living in hotels abs apartments because the house had to be stripped down to the frame. When I moved back in, I found out the fire started because the neighbor fell asleep with food on the stove.
Travis Morrison : But what if you flambé?

Fireblocking | Firestop a wall for inspection | diy fireblocking and penetrations

This short video describes different techniques to fireblock or firestop a new frame constructed wall prior to insulating and after the electrical rough-in is installed.

Using a 3M product which is a fire block red fire barrier cp25wb plus offers a 4-Hour rating and is red in color and is frequently used and anticipated during inspections from your local Municipal Authority.

Additional voids and this particular block wall are also being shown as fire draft and will have to be protected as well using a product called rockwool insulation.

Both products are available in your big box store and we'll both need to be applied prior to getting Municipal approval from your local building inspector prior to installing fiberglass insulation.

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How to start and operate your own successful handyman business


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