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f(x) 에프엑스 '피노키오 (Danger)' MV

f(x)’s 1st full length album “Pinocchio” has been released.
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f(x) Official

f(x) 에프엑스 '피노키오 (Danger)' MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment
낭만 : 에프엑스가 얼마나 작정하고 바주얼멤 몰빵했나면, 빅토리아가 21살이란 연습생으로 들어오긴 많은 나이임에도 오디션에 합격시키고 데뷔전부터 화보, 뮤비참여등 서포트에 에펙이 빅토리아를 비주얼 센터로 두고 만들어졌으나, 생각보다 설리가 인기가 막강해져서 설리가 센터로 변경, 후에 핫써머릋 기점으로 크리스탈 외모 미쳐서 크리스탈러 센터 바꿈. 그리고 돌아가면서.. 그만큼 비주얼로는 어벤져스급 걸그룹이었음..
SeChanSoo EXO : before, people considered their music as 'weird' but now almost all groups try to copy this concept... indeed, f(x) was way ahead of their time
magneto : Yes, F(X) is still my ult girl group along with SNSD & 2NE1. Even if we haven't gotten anything in years, these girl groups just simply CANNOT be replaced.
qfqss : I really miss the old kpop. Their music implement the kpop genre. The real identity of kpop. Kpop nowadays are too much with the western’s elements in their music and it makes the kpop genre forgotten. The reason why i love kpop is because of their genre that I can’t find anywhere else. Quite sad.
Maxpein Enrile : Wait but sorry, this is what I call KPOP

피노키오 Danger

Provided to YouTube by SM Entertainment

피노키오 Danger · f(x)

피노키오 Pinocchio - The 1st Album

℗ SM Entertainment

Released on: 2011-04-20

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F(X) - Danger, 에프엑스 - 피노키오, Music Core 20110423

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공식홈페이지 http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/ent/musiccore/index.html
방송시간 SAT, 16:15
F(X) - Danger, Show! Music Core(쇼! 음악중심), EP255, 2011/04/23, MBC TV, Republic of Korea
Suji Choi : 라이브로 듣는게 더 좋은듯 먼가 쫀득하게 잘 살린다
rainroad : Luna's vocal is on point. Can't believe no one is talking about her high note.
iammai1 : I don't know but I'm binge watching old f(x) performances. Bring back the glory days of singing LIVE!!! Groups voices must be louder than backing track, just like how f(x) and 2ne1 did. Nowadays you don't hear groups gasping for air after complicated dance moves like, dude are you even human?
신가영 : 이때는 다 생라이브였네...그와중에 다들 잘함 ㅎㄷㄷ
찰비빔면 : 완젼 추억이다....진짜 피노키오로 에프엑스 제대로 입덕해서 폰으로 뮤비 보고 또보고 친구랑 킬링파트 하나하나 짚어서 개쩐다고 오바하고 ㅋㅋㅋ오두방정을 떨었는데 ㅠ...진짜 에프엑스 한창 활동 하던때로 돌아가고싶다..


#fx 피노키오


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