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Patek Philippe Geneve

Founded in 1839, Patek Philippe is the last independent, family-owned Genevan watch manufacture. With a vibrant, uninterrupted operating history spanning nearly 180 years, the company benefits from a unique legacy of tradition and innovation.

From Antoine Norbert de Patek’s encounter with Jean Adrien Philippe to Thierry Stern’s presidency, from the first pocket watches to the very latest supercomplications – discover the pivotal events that forged the history of Patek Philippe and the entire watchmaking industry.
Иван Ургант : Очень красивые часы
Ксения Собчак : Мои любимые часы
Мария Шарапова : Мои любимые
Adrianne Palicki : Patek Philippe
Լիլիթ Մակունց :

Patek Philippe Museum: Sanctuary of watchmaking artistry

The Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva is considered one of the world's foremost horology museums. Patek Philippe honorary president Philippe Stern explains how the fantastic collection spanning more than 2000 exhibits originated. It includes portable mechanical timepieces from the 16th century until 1839, Patek Philippe timepieces from 1839 until today, as well as automata and enamel miniatures that promoted Geneva's reputation around the world. The museum also has a library with over 8000 publications on time and time measurement.

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This Patek Philippe Super Clone SHOCKED Me. | Real vs. Fake | Jenni Elle

I am comparing a 500€ Patek Philippe 5711 SUPER CLONE to not only one but TWO AUTHENTIC Patek Philippe 5711s!

01 [00:23] Intro
02 [01:22] 01/07 Dial color
03 [02:31] 02/07 Shape \u0026 proportions of the case
04 [03:24] 03/07 Case and bracelet finishing
05 [04:19] 04/07 The hands
06 [05:11] 05/07 Shape + quality of the hour markers
07 [06:13] 06/07 Lettering and structure on the dial
08 [07:39] 07/07 The movement

Not going to lie - when I got to hold the replica for the first time I was shocked. Its astonishing and terrifying how well its made. Makes me wonder what would happen, if those replica makers would actually try and make their own designs and watches

What do you think about these super clones? I know it's a controversial topic but I think its important to shine a light on the 'less pretty' parts of the hobby.

BTW don't think that I am helping replica makers with those videos - I am pretty sure they've somehow managed to get a hold of their own 5711 by now ;-D

As always, thank you for watching this video! If you enjoyed it make sure to give this a thumbs up - if you want to see more videos like that feel free to subscribe to my channel and hit the little notification bell to get a reminder whenever I upload a new video - it helps my channel out a lot!

- Jenni ❤️
fuhdenden : why am i watching this? i can't even afford the fakes
Piter Vain : I never seen the original in real life, however after wearing the replica for almost an year and haven't been spotted once I understood one thing, China can't be beaten. There is no chance ANYONE will be able to spot it as a fake, Even the inside movement is identical. The build quality and finish put a lot of legitimate Swiss brands to shame.
Tjulfar : Honestly its much easier to tell these apart then the Rolex watches. The Crown size and Dial color is a Dead giveaway on the spot if you know how a Real Patek looks like
Winston.S.1984 : I summarize:
1. The Chinese knockoff offers insane fit & finish (for about $500) that puts all other competitors in it's price range to shame.
2. The Swiss "original" basically embodies a millionare tax
rodrigo lloreda : It’s curious the level of capability and resource available to the fakers. Human hands and extra finishing work aside, it’s kind of wild how much they ARE able to achieve at this price point. Makes one wonder where the 100x cost on the real one actually comes from. For starters, a stainless steel casing for a $60k watch? That should be titanium at the very least for that kind of money.




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